Say goodbye to dull looking skin

Say goodbye to dull looking skin and welcome your clear, radiant skin with aura

While we need some exposure to sunlight to help our bodies make vitamin D, too much UV is harmful for the skin. One of the biggest problems is it causes the skin to look extremely dull.

Many people may be pondering about this problem and finding ways to nourish their skin and reverse the effect, ranging from whitening lotion to collagen and glutathione supplements. But no matter how much they nourish themselves, their skin still remains dull. Let's check again if the causes below are the culprits.

Surprising behaviors that cause your skin to become dull!

Because of today's hectic lifestyle, you may accidentally cause your skin to become dull without realising it. It's time to recheck yourself with this list.

1. Cleanse your skin

For that healthy-looking skin, the first important step is the cleansing step. To thoroughly cleanse your skin, you should start by removing your makeup before washing your face using a facial foam/cleansing oil that is suitable for your skin. Next, you can use the toner to wipe your face and tighten the pores. Once your skin is properly cleansed, it is ready for the next step, the nourishing and moisturizing steps.

2. Nourish your skin with serum

In recent years, serum has become one of the must-have skincare products for your beauty regime. With its active, concentrated extracts, the ability to penetrate deeply into the inner skin layers, and, not to mention, the effectiveness in targeting and tackling specific skin concern, serum helps revitalise your skin. Say hello to beautiful and buoyant skin withaviance ONE Unique Mix & Match Solution, the innovative personalized serum that allows you to design your own beauty formula according to the daily needs of your skin. And if you are looking for a radiance skin, your wish might come true with this powerful blend of innovation and bioactive plant extracts.

Tips: The glowing skin with aviance ONE Unique Mix & Match Solution

For a superior glowing skin, squeeze one dropper of aviance ONE Super Serum into your palm, mix in a dropper of aviance ONE Glowing Drops. Rub your hands together (to warm up the formula) before patting the serum all over your face. Use this formula daily, morning and evening, and you can just say goodbye to your dull skin with dark spots and say hello to bright, healthy skin with aura every day.

3. Facial mask is vital

Because dead skin cells that don't peel off naturally on its own can clog up the pores and make your face look grayish, no matter your skin tone. This problem can easily be fixed by using facial mask at least twice a week to sweep away the dead cells, remove the impurities from the pores and boost the cell turnover. Reveal your radiant skin withGLUTA LEMON Natural Detoxifying Clay Mask which help cleanse the skin and remove pollution grime from your skin in 1 minute. With this clay mask in hand, pampering your skin has never been this easy, fast and convenient!

4. Sunscreen is a must

From a misconception about sunscreen that you need to apply sunscreen only once before going into the sun or that if you are in the shade, you don't need to apply at all, this usually leads to dull looking skin. Because the UVs are hovering in the air, no matter if it's sunny, cloudy or rainy, it is recommended to give your gorgeous skin a superior protection against the sun withaviance UV Expert Gluta Orange, the milky sun serum that gives you a complete protection against UVA and UVB, as well as pollution, blue light and infrared.

5. Lack of sleep is a no-no

Not having enough sleep equates less time for the body to repair itself. This means that the body has less time to create new cells or tissues, which makes your skin looks tired and dull. Don't want your skin to look dull, then you need to adjust your life clock by going to bed earlier so you can get at least 8 hours of sleep continuously. Because while sleeping, growth hormone and melatonin will be secreted to help repair cells and tissues inside the body. And when you are fully rested, your body and skin will be totally refreshed. It's time to say hi to bright and vibrant skin that is ready to sparkle with healthy aura every day.

Besides following the beauty tips above and changing your lifestyle, don’t forget to avoid stress and alcohol while filling up your days with healthy food and plenty of water as to nourish the skin from deep within so that your radiant skin can shine out. It’s time to say goodbye to dull skin for good!

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